Tips For Fun Activities During Halloween

Halloween is nearly here again. The years seem to fly by. Halloween is that fun time when everyone gets to dress up in spooky costumes to frighten all the neighbors. I think this, along with the trick or treat, are the most exciting part of halloween. However there are many other fun activities that you do at halloween to make it more memorable.

Below are some of my favorite tips and activities to make this year's halloween even better than the one last year.

We all know about trick or treat. You can provide some wonderful home cooked halloween treats for your visitors. But what about the trick. What can you do to those neighbors who don't want to provide a treat. Why not make up a funny trick. Kids can stand on their heads with their tongue hanging out and waggling their legs. Or they can do some funny acrobats where they fall over. The trick doesn't have to be something mischievious. In some cultures the children sing for their treat. In other places, they dance. I'm sure you could come up with a funny song and dance routine with the kids. And being funny instead of mischievious will leave the neighbors much happier and more inclined to give the treat after all.

In some places, they organize a halloween party. This doesn't need to be hard or too big. Have the children come up with some ideas for easy to organize games. Make it a theme party where all the guests have to have something green. This could be as simple as a green balloon or green clothes. Give a green prize for the most creative idea. Put green food coloring in the cookies and make some green slime dip, to be eaten with green vegies/salads. The possibilities are endless when you start thinking about it. The funnier and more outrageous the better while keeping safety in mind.

The origin of people wearing masks and costumes at halloween was to ward off and hide from the harmful spirits that came back during halloween. The belief was that this was the night the spirits were able to roam everywhere so people wanted to both hide their face from the spirit to keep themselves safe, but they also wanted to scare the spirits away. So the custom of scary costumes and outfits came into being.

So wearing costumes during halloween is a must, and the scarier the better. Children love trying to frighten everyone when they are in a scary costume. It is a wonderful part of childhood. These days the practice now includes theme costumes such as Disney characters or characters from the movies.

Halloween is also a great time to hire scary videos. Having a scary movie marathon for teenagers is a great halloween tip. Often teenagers feel they are 'too old' for the normal trick or treat. Lettin them dress up (if they want to) and eat halloween food while watching scary movies will keep halloween fun for them too.

Halloween should be a fun time for all the family. Whatever way you decide to celebrate it, make sure it is fun and safe. That way when it comes around again next year, you'll be ready to do it all over again. And even better than last time.

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